Good Reasons to borrow from Kingdom Credit Union


Providing loans to Members is one of the main functions of Kingdom Credit Union. We encourage you to manage your money carefully by structuring loans around your needs and your ability to repay. There are no hidden charges or fees.



Regular savings is a good idea and is recommended by Kingdom Credit Union. You might like to save for holidays, Christmas, Education or simply to put something by for that ‘Rainy Day’. There is an annual dividend on savings.



Kingdom Credit Union also offers free life insurance on savings and loans.There is no need to worry about what happens to an outstanding debt in the event of your death as all credit union members have free life cover on their loans as well as their savings.


We are delighted to announce that we are opening a new collection point in Oakley.

The collection point will run every Tuesday 9:45 – 11:15 at the Oakley Community Centre, Station Road, Oakley, KY12 9QF.


Pop along and see how becoming a member of Kingdom Credit Union can benefit you!

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